Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Rudeness of Barack

Obama is a genuinely likeable guy- which is, I think, why his personal approval ratings significantly surpass the public's approval of any of his principal policies. When it comes to partisanship, however, Obama often goes beyond the pale in attacking his political opponents, often by attributing the most base motives to them. However, in his speech outlining his deficit-reduction plan, Obama was simply rude. Inviting Paul Ryan, the author of the GOP plan to address the long-term debt problem, to be present at his speech. Instead of being a straightforward proposal of his own plan, Obama launched into a strong and inaccurate denunciation of Ryan's proposals, accusing them of not being serious or courageous. One does not invite one's adversaries to a forum where they have no power of reply and then attack them. Doubtless it makes better theatre, and emphasises his own power to have his rival sit silently, front and centre, through a denunciation. It is, however, the method of the bully.

Jake Tapper has a helpful illustration of the Obama's hypocrisy, juxtaposing two statements made a year apart. As we have learnt, Obama will say the right thing about forgoing personal attacks and scaremongering until it becomes advantageous for him to do the same.

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